Career Fit Test

The career fit test is based upon the scientifically proven principle that individuals perceive and react to environmental stimuli such as sounds, light levels or even stressful situations differently. 

This means that everyone will also have a different optiomal comfort levels for various types of stimulation. Moreover, it is well proven that if you are is under stimulated you under-perform and if you are over stimulated your performance declines as well.

Different jobs involve different levels of stimulation being a fire fighter is likely to involve much higher levels of environmental stimulation than some one working in alone as a consultant.

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The career fit test uses these principles to give you feedback on what jobs may be a good fit for you based upon your reported levels of sensitivity to environmental stimuli. The data on the stimulus sensitivity and their success and happiness in their career has been collected and analyzed from over 15,000! respondents. By completing a simple on-line questionnaire  you can determine your general level of stimulus sensitivity and information of what jobs others with similar levels of sensitivity have found to be a good fit.

If you are an HR professional and you would like to use the test in a more advanced way to faciliate your client screening process, please send us an email for more information.